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It's been a while...but hey, I'm still alive
Hi there!
I know that it has been a long time and that I have not updated 'Serving you' for what seems to be an eternity...but don't worry...finals have come to and end and vacation has finally arrived.
There is one little thing though...Since I'm leaving for Stockholm tomorrow, I will not be able to write for at least another week. After that, however, I'll get to work (because then, I'll have two weeks in which I haven't planned anything) and finish the next chapter of 'Serving you'. I do hope that you guys still want to read it :p
Also, thank you for the continuing support and for all the favs, comments and watches I have received throughout my absence here :) Love you guys!
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So I did a thing
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Sun and Moon Starters by quila111 Sun and Moon Starters :iconquila111:quila111 41 24
Compare yourself
"The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else's highlight reel" 
There's so much truth in this quote.
I can remember signing up to this website quite a number of years ago. I used to be among the best artists at school, but compared to most artists here... I absolutely sucked!
So I guess I did the thing that most people do when they first publish their shit on the world wide web and realize they aren't nearly as good at they thought they are; I got depressed and ragequit art for a while. Then I got back to drawing and lamented the fact that I wasn't among those insanely talented people (which, admittedly, I sometimes still do XD).
The funny thing is that I created entire scenario's in my head about those 'art idols'. About how amazing it would be that they could draw anything they want. About how people would naturally flock around them because they had skills. About how they earned big bucks by selling
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Ashes to ashes, we all fall down.
The ones who betrayed her and left her for dead,
Those are the ones who she will make see,
Just what kind of fire burns inside of her,
Maybe you'll see the remnants of the person you tossed aside,
As she rises from the ashes, and burns oh so bright,
She'll bloom, and flourish, she'll burn with life,
She'll be a phoenix, so beautiful, though deadly,
You will stare in amazement, as she bests you in every way,
She swoops with grace, destruction following,
Those bridges will burn, as she doesn't look back,
Some bridges cannot be fixed,
No matter how hard you try,
So lend an ear as I tell you a tale,
Of a girl who grew her wings and learned how to fly.
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About what happened in Brussels...
Today will be marked as dark day for our country. My heart is with the people who lost a loved one in  or who suffered from the terrible terror attacks this morning. We have to be brave...let's stand together in this fight against terrorism...against this useless form of violence.
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Serving you (Prussia x Reader) part 16
Part 16
The journey to the battlefields was a rough one. You and Ludwig  travelled aboard a carriage that carried goods and stock for the camp you were heading to. It was a most basic ride, which means that you weren’t nearly as comfortable as you wanted to be. The space in the carriage was cramped and the two of you had to make do with a spot in between the several stacked crates. With every pit in the road you became more sure of the fact that you wouldn’t leave the carriage without a serious head-injury. Hadn’t that crate moved a bit?
You stared at it and hoped it hadn’t.
“What are you doing?” Ludwig asked. His eyes were closed; his arms folded over his chest as he rested against the lower crate.
“Looking whether that crate will tumble over…so that I can warn you in time.”
A small grin appeared on the left corner of his mouth.
“Always the caring one,” he said. “Or you’re just bored to death. That
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(killugon charm.) by qxiu (killugon charm.) :iconqxiu:qxiu 60 9 Micah by PizzaProgram Micah :iconpizzaprogram:PizzaProgram 8 4
Hi lovelies!
Hiii! It has been a long time. Many things have happened. I took my finals, passed all subjects (except for one) and went to spent my holiday in Warsaw with two good friends.
Now about that...If you ever get the chance to go to Warsaw, then go. It's a very interesting city, full of history. It's hidden in every corner, at places where you least expect it. Our hostel was situated in the Old town, which was rebuilt after WOII (which gives you a real appreciation for the flexibility of Poland). Basically, the old town is a beautiful city within a larger whole. Don't think that it's the only thing that is worth a visit. If you love history, you'll find that Warsaw is full of surprises. We visited a few museums, like for example the POLIN-museum, which is all about the history of the Polish jews, and the museum of the Uprising. If you want to know what it is like to fight for your country, then go and pay that museum a visit. It will show the love of the poles for their country and the
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Hot Dang by PizzaProgram Hot Dang :iconpizzaprogram:PizzaProgram 10 4 Team Alto by PizzaProgram Team Alto :iconpizzaprogram:PizzaProgram 6 0 Turtles and Bunnies by PizzaProgram Turtles and Bunnies :iconpizzaprogram:PizzaProgram 14 21 Will You Marry Me? by Khaoseden Will You Marry Me? :iconkhaoseden:Khaoseden 56 54
Regret is not knowing
Regret is not knowing
your deepest fear; my fear
is not realizing it
until it was too late
that is my biggest regret
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Serving you (Prussia x Reader) part 15
Part 15
The day had come.
After months of waiting and days of lying, of living in pure agony of what was yet to come, the moment had finally come for you to prepare for the army.
It felt strange…really strange…almost irrational…for you didn’t really know what you were supposed to feel like. You did feel relieved that things were going to end soon…that you wouldn’t have to lie anymore. That had proven far harder than you had thought. Every time you had looked Gilbert in the eyes, you had felt like telling him about what you were going to do. And every time again, a soft voice in the back of your head had kept you from doing so. The voice had gotten tired though…it had felt as if every lie had been smothering it further and further. It has been awaiting the end ever since.
You were awaiting faith to meet you and take you away.
You felt tired and yet there also was this part of you…this fire deep inside of your heart that didn’t want t
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Final-Protocol. Meeting my Familiar
I am scared. No, nervous maybe? Afraid. Yes, that’s it. I’m afraid. Well, who wouldn’t be? I’m meeting my Familiar today.  I don’t think I’ve ever been anxious like this before. I’m not saying I’ve never been afraid before; I’m afraid of something every day. Every. Single. Day. But, not today. Usually, my anxiety is like striking a match; bright, fast, and eventually dies out or sucks up all the oxygen in the room. Not today though. Nope. Today it’s like the tide coming in, filling me with dread. Maybe that’s it. Maybe I’m not afraid of anything; I’m just dreading meeting him. Or her. Or it. What do you call a Familiar anyway? I wonder, picking at my nail. When I get nervous, I unconsciously do that. The teachers told me to pick out a name, and I had one in my head. Irene. Why that name? No clue, it just came to me.
They called us in, one by one. I think that was the creepiest part. Watching everyone slo
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Final-Protocol Mack
Name: Mack Arendsen
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Orientation: asexual hetroromantic
Height: Five feet-five inches
*Weight: 163 pounds
Familiar: A small bunny. Irene is a small, black-and-white spotted rabbit that is about the size of his hand, though Mack’s hands are somewhat large. Her nose, ears, and rings around her eyes are black; the rest of the black spots are speckled onto her back, and her tail is black. Irene’s paws, neck, and underbelly are completely white. She likes to perch herself either on Mack’s shoulder or in the hood of his hoodie. She is a very energetic rabbit and will run up to strangers to meet them. She will eat absolutely anything, even if Irene finds it on the ground.
Familiar Name: Irene. Means Peace
Familiar Level: -All start at level 1-
*Weapon Name: Ghiaccio. He calls it Ghia
Type of Weapon: War Hammer/Club
Weapon Description: Ghia is a two-sided war hammer. The handle is as long as his arm and a brown, wood color. There
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People fall
In different ways.
Some people
Fall hard
And fast
With wide-open
Some people fall slowly
And don’t realize it
Until they’ve hit
The bottom.
Others pretend,
They pretend
To fall
And jump out of the way
So they can watch
The rest of the world
Tumble down the edge.
I never understood
How people
Could start falling
Then grow wings
Or reverse gravity
And fly back out
Before they hit bottom.
And why
Do some people
Never hit
The bottom?
What makes them so special?
And why do others
Scale back up the cliff
As easily as taking a walk?
Why do certain people
Take days
Even years
To climb out
Only to jump
Right back off?
Why are we so addicted to love?
We know it can hurt
We know the risks
We just keep coming back
For more.
:iconcrystaledembers:CrystaledEmbers 3 0
My Heart
I’ll give half of my heart to you.
That part is free.
I will always give away
Half my heart.
Not because the other half doesn’t love you too
But because that part
Isn’t mine to give away.
That part has to be earned
With love
And commitment.
The first half is to show
All my love for you.
And the second
Is for you to earn
Because it’s my
To always love you
And cherish you
Because you
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How to be a proper evil mastermind
How to: Be a Proper Evil Mastermind
Now, I have seen a lot of ‘evil villains’ in my day who don’t deserve to be called evil or villains. They are usually just petty crooks, or supposedly ‘vile’ people who can’t even do a simple job. No, you are not supposed to entrust your entire plans to a girl who going to fall for the ‘dashing British spy.’ Yes, it takes more than a simple rope tied around an ankle to capture an enemy. I will be giving my advice to all the slackers out there who need the extra help to become evil geniuses.
1. Don’t unveil your entire plan to anyone.
Whether that be your nemesis or a pretty girl, don’t do it. This is the biggest mistake I see in the world! Either or enemy gets out of his/her trap, or the person you trust turns on you. You always need to keep some tricks up your sleeve for when everything goes wrong. You enemy gets out and thwarts your plan, or the pretty girl turns on you; if you keep some s
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One Syllable Story
The last time I saw her, she died. I’m sure of it; I am sure she was dead, but there she stood. Same blue eyes; same red hair, same pale skin. She was not you, and I know that, but I did not know how to deal with that day once more. I tried to stop the thought, but it took me over.
We stood there and stared at the lake. It was our spot, the place that would be ours one day. I left you on bad terms, and you went home alone. Rain fell from the sky and I got scared, so I went to find you. And, there was the car. I knew you did not see it, and I could not stop it. You turned to face me, and that was the end.
This fake you has not seen me yet. To be frank, I do not know if I want her to. If she does, the pain of her not being you will be the end. But… She could be you.
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As I stepped onto the path, the sun faded. The sun was supposed to set soon already, but it looks like it was dusk already. I looked around me for something familiar, but all I could see was the dark outline of trees and a faint path forward. Turning back would’ve been the bright idea, but my legs we’re having none of it. Something about this place seemed eerily familiar, and if the time hadn’t changed so rapidly, I might have thought I was still taking a walk at home.  “No way but forward.” I mutter and trudge through the snow.
Most of the trees protected me from the snow, but with no wind, it sank to the ground and waited for its friends to join. All the snow in only area, combined with no wind to blow it around, left huge snowdrifts in the trees and on the path. I really should start getting better judgment about whether or not to leave the spot where a magical portal stole me from home. I was cold, wet, and in a pretty foul mood. “I’m
:iconcrystaledembers:CrystaledEmbers 2 0
Creative Writing- Bridges
(The bridge is Latefossen Waterfall, Norway)
I crossed the bridge and landed… somewhere. Trees were the only things I could see, and a rushing waterfall was the only thing I could hear. I look at the bridge behind me hoping for a passage back home. The bridge spanned a cascading waterfall but no secret passage back home. Not knowing where to go but afraid to stay in one place, I followed the bridge. “Bridges are built by people. People are a good start to going home.” I thought aloud as I passed the waterfall. The bridge stopped when I got to the forest, but there was a well-traveled path to follow. The most nerve-wracking thing about the forest was the silence. Only the waterfall and I made any sound. I felt like calling out but decided against it. “There’s no possible way anyone can hear me over the water.” I mutter to no one.
When the falls became a low rumble in the background, I came across a fork in the road. One path disappeared into eh forest
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Chibi me (godtiered) by CrystaledEmbers Chibi me (godtiered) :iconcrystaledembers:CrystaledEmbers 1 2 I have a crappy sword and a decent hand by CrystaledEmbers I have a crappy sword and a decent hand :iconcrystaledembers:CrystaledEmbers 2 0 I can't find my colored pencils by CrystaledEmbers I can't find my colored pencils :iconcrystaledembers:CrystaledEmbers 3 2 I shouldn't be allowed to art by CrystaledEmbers I shouldn't be allowed to art :iconcrystaledembers:CrystaledEmbers 1 4 Chibi emotions by CrystaledEmbers Chibi emotions :iconcrystaledembers:CrystaledEmbers 1 0 Even more Chibi practice by CrystaledEmbers Even more Chibi practice :iconcrystaledembers:CrystaledEmbers 2 0 More Chibi practice by CrystaledEmbers More Chibi practice :iconcrystaledembers:CrystaledEmbers 0 0 Chibi practice by CrystaledEmbers Chibi practice :iconcrystaledembers:CrystaledEmbers 1 0



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Name: Maren
Status: single
What I look like: a pale red-head with green-blue eyes and thick black glasses
What I freak over: Hetalia, Marvel, Homestuck, Pokemon, and a lot of other stuff

Hi I'm Maren. I have some nicknames like Mimi, Marebear, but I'll always love more. Im a pokemon addict, I don't care what you say I love it and I'm not giving it up for the world. I love Hetalia and I'm pretty sure I'm the biggest history buff in my school. I'm a big fan of both Marvel and DC but I like Marvel more. I like anime, and if you guys ever have any good animes RECOMEND THEM TO ME! I'm generally quiet if you ever meet me but I love to answer questions and if we start up a conversation, I can talk. A lot. I write stories and do a bit of traditional art

Please! Please, ask me questions! I LOVE them!

Amazing real life friends: :iconpizzaprogram: and :iconthemaskedsark: go love them

Online buddies: :icontimeforpika: :iconaetherialavenger: :iconbrokenbrookiecookie: :iconhawkfurze: :iconjames-the-typhlosion:

I'm scared to death of anything horror yet somehow *stares at Erin* I still watch it

As of May the twenty first, deviantART will be deleting ALL dA accounts. Not the plz accounts though. But just all name-wasted accounts, or accounts that we think are fake, or that are useless. We are doing this to prevent something that could possibly may happen in the future. If we find this message on you're deviantID, journal, etc. We will know that you are not a fake.

Thank you for listening,

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2 colored characters in the same picture. You pick the characters, poses, and if you want words and I draw and color them. Traditional art only
Colored characters
You pick a character, pose and if you want words and I draw and color them. Traditional art only
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This a custom design drawing event, and feel free to take a look.
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